Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recent Developments and Future Plans

Obviously, I've been away from the blog for awhile.  Part of this is because the campaign it was in large part meant to document, the Arandish Labyrinth Lord Campaign 2010, has reached a pausing point or caesura and has necessitated some recent re-thinking and re-configuring.

You see, one of our key players leaves town for fieldwork purposes four or five months of every year.  That player left town just a few weeks ago, and the group cohesion / camaraderie has been so great amongst these three players and their PCs that it was unanimously decided at our final session together to put that campaign on "hold" until that player (Innominus' player) comes back to town in early July. Which isn't to say that the rest of us won't start up and play an alternative Labyrinth Lord campaign in that player's absence. . .  but more on that in a moment.

The biggest development impacting this group's ongoing RPG'ing ability in the future is not so much Innominus' player's temporary absence, but the fact that not just one but two of the remaining three participants -- myself and one of the other players -- have accepted jobs in other states and cities this fall.  We have been brainstorming ways to keep the campaign going via webcams and skype once we two depart, and I think we may have a viable technical solution soon.  I know we have the collective will: we have pledged to keep the Arandish Labyrinth Lord Campaign 2010 going remotely via cybertronic devices!   So expect that campaign (and reports on it) to resume sometime in September.

Meanwhile, I have two regular players and myself, plus a new player who has expressed interest in joining us starting next session (this coming Monday May 10).  So I am using this "campaign reboot" opportunity to explore a wacky idea I have been camping on for some time: a completely underground campaign.  Full of underground cities, underground civilizations, underground races doing epic battle and complex trade with each other. . . a setting I have dubbed Core World. Monday's PCs will start in a locale called Fang City, a dwarven stronghold untold miles beneath the surface of northeastern Ara.  They will roll up new characters, and have been advised that while all standard Labyrinth Lord and Arandish races and classes are permitted, the most common races are dwarves and hobbits, with humans being fairly rare and elves and rodians being extremely rare.


  1. Skype and whiteboard websites have worked pretty effectively for my group (and they're all free, which is nice). Its certainly not as good as being in the same room, but it beats the alternative.

  2. I thought there were no hobbits in this campaign!

  3. @Tony: True, no hobbits in the REGULAR Arandish campaign (and none indigenous to the surface world of Ara), but there is a special underground race of "Deep Hobbits" in my new CORE WORLD campaign -- the one we will begin this coming Monday!

  4. Carter, are you familiar with the "hollow world" D&D setting? I should lend you it if you haven' read it.