Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why I've Been AWOL and New Blog Name

Things have been incredibly busy and chaotic for the past couple of months, due largely to the fact that I have quite unexpectedly landed an out-of-state job that begins in late August.  So I have been madly scrambling to organize my affairs and pack my worldly possessions in preparation for a move from the West to the  East Coast in just a few short weeks.  I am very excited about the new job, but less excited about leaving Eugene, Oregon, a city I love very much.

In addition to these work-related developments, my Arandish Labyrinth Lord Campaign 2010, which was cruising along beautifully as of May, went on a two-month hiatus when a key player left town for his yearly fieldwork expedition during June and July.  I am happy to announce that that player (who plays Innominus the Cleric in the campaign) is back in town and we are preparing to resume that campaign NEXT MONDAY!!!   Huzzah!!!!!

So expect to see more blogging here once that adventure resumes.  As I have previously confessed, I am a very lazy blogger unless I have a specific practical goal to strive for: in this case, documenting the ongoing exploits of this party as they explore The Lands of Ara.

And speaking of The Lands of Ara (sorry for that hamfisted segue), you will note that I have officially changed the name of my blog to The Lands of Ara.  Despite my unfortunate tendency toward egomania, I have decided that naming the blog after myself (its former name was "Carter's Cartopia") is not only unbecoming but uninformative: it doesn't tell you much about what's going on here.  Since it is my ambition to share the Lands of Ara campaign setting with the OSR blogosphere, and since I plan to eventually produce a Lands of Ara Adventure Sourcebook, it seemed right to foreground the "Lands of Ara" name and concept in the blog's title.  I hope you will forgive the switch.

Enjoy, and many apologies for the prolonged absence without notification!


  1. welcome back

    nothing like 'real life'
    to mess up a perfectly good fantasy campaign

  2. Good to have you back. Keep bringing us top-quality content and we will follow you across continents...

    Wait a minute...

  3. Welcome back, and good luck with the move and new job! I know how you feel, I'm also moving out of state for a new job at the end of July.