Monday, August 9, 2010

Cyborg Gaming and Witch Attack!

These are exciting times for my Labyrinth Lord group.  We are about to play our first session with a player not physically present: Hazel's player will be joining us via Skype (from out of state) for tomorrow evening's session.  Soon we will use the same technology to connect me to the group as well, for at the end of this week I move from Eugene, Oregon to Brockport, New York. I will become a virtual DM!  Shades of Brian O'Blivion!

In addition to these cyborgian developments, we are also looking at some rich story development in the next few sessions, as a couple of the PCs' haunted pasts and past deeds are going to start to catch up with them.  Heh, heh, heh. . . .

Another thing I am excited about is a SECRET PROJECT that my friend Carl is working on at present.  I am not at liberty to say much specifically about it, but Carl has let me read a Beta version of the supplement-in-progress, and WOW, it sure is going to be useful to me as a DM.  What I can tell you is that the supplement he is writing -- intended to be compatible with Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord -- functions (among other things) as a kind of fast NPC generator, a shorthand way of quickly adding a new NPC or even a whole new class of NPC to a game, because it is a system based around Mutant Future-like special abilities (what MF calls "mutations" and what I believe Carl is calling "quirks") without regard for traditional LL classes.

For example, one of the "quirks" Carl has created centers upon the ability to throw curses and hexes at people, and of course this instantly suggests a Witch type character.  I FUCKING LOVE witches, and have never felt truly satisfied with their quasi-treatment as "witch doctors" in the DMG (as a kind of sub-par cleric, p. 40) nor in their iteration as a full-blown NPC class in various issues of Dragon Magazine (#5, #20, #43, and #114).  This is no fault of those articles, but rather a function of my own laziness: I am not big on rules-intensive preparation (nor rules-intensive gaming for that matter) so I rarely generate complete stats for any but the most central NPC's in my campaigns.  Therefore I welcome a system that allows me to plunk a witch into the game without having to stat up a full-blown NPC.  Rock and roll Carl, and look out all you Labyrinth Lordlings in my campaign!

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  1. Beware Brockport ... once you're there, you can never leaaaave ...