Sunday, February 19, 2012

My LL Referee Screen

Since I've been so busy with other non-game-related stuff lately, I haven't had a chance to show off my AWESOME Labyrinth Lord Referee Screen, which came (pre-ordered) in the mail several weeks ago. Here it is:

The Labyrinth Lord Referee Screen!

Kudos to Dan Proctor of Goblinoid Games for making this project happen.  I have been using my screen for the past couple sessions I've refereed, and it is just terrific. It's very well-organized (my beloved reaction roll tables are front and center!) and check out the great art by Steve Zieser.  I am particularly fond of the left-hand panel depicting (what I take to be) the thief and his torch-bearing associate:

The Referee Screen interior -- reaction roll tables in the middle!

Kudos to Goblinoid Games for a job well done and a fine, very useful product!

Even Roscoe the cat is interested in the LL Referee Screen!


  1. I didn't order one of these because I like the landscape format and flexibility of my blank Pinnacle GM screen with pouches for customized inserts. But I must say the artwork on the LL screen looks amazing and makes me think I should order one just for that!

  2. Roscoe's cheating!

    Cool screen - thanks for sharing photos.

  3. Glad you enjoy the screen! I'm glad it turned out so well.

  4. @Gavin: It's highly recommended!

    @Billiam: Nice catch there, that sneaky cat is indeed peering over the screen at the Referee side.

    @Steve: Thank YOU for the great work, it did indeed turn out great. I really love the wizard and "devil face" panel too, and I had a great time holding the picture of the big brute in the central panel up to the webcam to threaten the players in my Skype-based LL group a couple weeks ago.

  5. How can the rest of us get one? The art is awesome!