Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OSRCon Rocked!!

Me posing with my T&T 5.5 rulebook, with its author in the background left.

I returned from OSRCon 2012 on Sunday evening but have been too ecstatic to gather my thoughts about it; I've just been riding the high of meeting Ken St. Andre, hanging out with a bunch of awesome fellow old-school gamers, and playing a ton of old-school games including Labyrinth Lord and Tunnels and Trolls. In fact, I am still so awash in the glory of it all (and embroiled in a few other time-intensive projects this week to boot) that this will not constitute a comprehensive report on the Con. I just wanted to post a few photos and mention a couple highlights, with more detailed reports to follow by the weekend or early next week. So many tales to tell!

Chris Cunnington and Ken St. Andre - my heroes.

First, a shout out to Chris Cunnington, event organizer, who did a simply fabulous job of bringing everybody together, making sure we had what we needed (including lots of water) and ensuring that OSRCon ran smoothly. It did; mission accomplished, Chris! THANKS!!

 Me, the Trollgod, and Spawn of Endra at the airport Thursday night. (This photo courtesy Chris Cunnington.)

FYI, Chris also has some great OSRCon photos (from Day One and Day Two) posted over at his blog, including this one (pictured above) of me, Spawn, and trollgod Ken St. Andre looking punchy and quasi-exhausted yet quite chuffed at Toronto Pearson Airport terminal 3.

OSRCon 2012 panelists: James Maliszewski, Lawrence Whitaker, Ed Greenwood, and Ken St. Andre.

I ran two parties through my home-brewed LL adventure, Keep of the Zombie Master, which was a huge success that I can hardly wait to tell you about. When I wasn't running those games, I was playing T&T with the Trollgod himself, or attending this year's panel, which I think was even more entertaining and informative than last year's.

Lots more to come; but thanks to Ken, Chris, Spawn, and all the other lovely gamers who made the weekend so special and exciting for me. I can't wait to do it again next year; OSRCon III here we come!!

Photos courtesy Garfield Noyahr except as indicated.


  1. I so wanted to go to this one. I need to get a passport and get up there next year.

  2. I was Zephyr the cowardly fighter. Just to connect faces to blogs.

    My short writeup of the con is here:

    1. Who pretty quickly turned not cowardly, as I recall. It fun to adventure with you.

    2. Yes, thanks for playing with us and also for the link! Spawn is right: Zephyr was anything but cowardly.