Monday, September 28, 2009

The Lands of Ara: Racial Areas of Origin

Each Arandish race has a select number of possible areas of origin; each character must choose his/her birthplace and/or growing-up place from the appropriate list.

Some racial types have an easy time selecting an area of origin: for instance, all dwarven characters come from Gannar, the principal dwarven kingdom in the north. However, players choosing characters of most other races, especially Arandish humans, have a more complex decision to make. To aid you in selecting your character’s area of origin, a brief description of each kingdom / region is provided in the next post. More of the politics and cultural characteristics of each kingdom / region will also emerge in forthcoming specific posts relating to features and denizens of each region.

Arandish Humans
Arandish humans may be from any of the following places:
Free City of Kaladar
The Western Lands (specify: see area description)

Dwarven characters generally choose Gannar for their area of origin. Dwarves who grow up in human lands are typically either from Telengard or the Free City of Kaladar.

Any rodian character may originate from the rodian home island of Suhl. Rodian characters may also come from any region available to Arandish humans, although rodians from Telengard and northern Achelon are quite rare. The majority of mainland-born rodians (i.e., those born anywhere other than Suhl) come from Kaladar, or one of the Suhlian-governed coastal cities on Ara’s far western seaboard.

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