Monday, June 13, 2011

OSRCon Update!

OSRCon - Aug. 12-13, 2011 - Lillian H. Smith Library - Toronto, Ontario

Happily, it looks like my mention of "no Maliszewski at OSRCon" in a post of five days ago was erroneous. My apologies for the misinformation; it turns out that James Maliszewski will be at OSRCon after all. Huzzah!

As far as my own preparations go, I have almost finished stocking my OSRCon Labyrinth Lord adventure, The Tower of Death, and am planning to run a secret playtest of the module with some friends from my own gaming group in July sometime, to make ready for the August con sessions.

Come join the fun! OSRCon registration is only is $20 CDN until July 1, 2011.

I will be running Labyrinth Lord games during sessions one and three of the con. My GM code on the linked schedule is #6421; I'm at Table 5 both sessions.


  1. Carter i;ve got you down as an intl blogger, are you in toronto?! I'll need to switch you over to the rarified stratosphere of Canadian blogger if thats the case!

  2. To be precise, Carter is an international blogger of DOOM. He's in NY state.

  3. Not just an IB, but one of DOOM. That's pretty intimidating!


  4. @Paladin: No, sadly, I am not located in Toronto, but in northwestern New York State. Only three hours from Toronto, but on the U.S. side of the border.

    But I am OF DOOM though.