Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mediocre Maps of Ara Part 3

This should be the third and final installment of the "Mediocre Maps" series -- see the first and second installments for my disclaimer about what a poor mapmaker I am.

Luckily, my good friend Carl, who is a remarkably talented mapmaker and visual artist -- see samples of his eye-catchingly beautiful cartography on this map and this map over at -- has decided to make a large-scale map of the Lands of Ara one of his next cartographic projects.  Hooray!

So what follows are the last two old maps of Arandish regions that I've had lying around in a plastic tub for a good number of years.  They include a Comline Hills insert map and another cartographic look at Ara's West Coast Cities.  In some ways these may be the most mediocre and/or least necessary of the maps I have posted, but I am having a "Clearance Sale" so you get them all.  Enjoy!

Click here to access maps 7-8.

Map #7: Comline Hills insert map
The Comline Hills are located on the northern border of Noffel, just west of the Frey Mountains.  I originally created this map for what turned out to be an incredibly short-lived (two or three sessions) campaign.  But I have always liked the map and I think it may prove useful for seeing the barge route into the Great Western Swamp in particular.  But as always, there are some minor inaccuracies on this thing, to wit: 
Scale:  I cannot vouch for the scale of this map vis-a-vis the larger region maps with whom it shares depictions of this area.  I have a feeling that "New Bay Town," the southern-most of Ara's West Coast Cities (see below) should actually lie a good deal further west than this map indicates.
Nonexistent Town: the town / village of Robin’s Hold should be eliminated altogether, making Swampsedge the last town you reach westward on foot before needing to take a barge or boat into the swamps.
The "New Swamp Road" exists--its skirts the southern edge of the Great Western Swamp -- but it may be located a bit further south than indicated here, closer to the Comline Hills themselves.  It is relatively new and not completely established.  It is mostly used by black marketeers and bandits on their way to Thieves' Port (see Large-scale map of Ara #4).  Benjamin's Cove may exist, but it is a very small village not too far to the northwest of the much larger town of Thieves' Port.
Shazahan Road is still Shazahan Road, NOT General Torpol road as indicated here.

Map #8: West Coast Cities
This map more or less repeats the information given on Grimlock's Map from the previous post, but what the hell?

Click here to access maps 7-8.

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