Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DMG Sample Level Stocking Project Part 8

And now, Part 8 of my episodic attempt to randomly stock the sample dungeon level from the Dungeon Masters Guide p. 95. See also James C.'s original announcement of the project, his updated list of participants, and my stocking installments Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7.

Project guidelines:

(1) I am stocking this map as a Level 3 dungeon.

(2) I am using the Labyrinth Lord basic dungeon stocking tables on LL p. 124 to stock the map, with a few customized twists, i.e., I am deliberately placing a few monsters and treasures as I see fit.  I am also using Michael Curtis' Dungeon Alphabet and some of the random tables in the back of the Advanced Edition Companion to randomly generate "unique" encounters and miscellaneous and/or atmospheric room features.

Now to stock rooms 31 through 34:

Room 31:  Rolled and got empty, no treasure.  I also rolled on the "Random Atmospheric Details" and "Miscellaneous Room Contents" tables on pp. 147-148 of the Advanced Edition Companion and got "sea air," "breeze, cold," "foggy," and "excrement."

Room 32: Got monster, treasure. I rolled on the Level 3 Wandering Monster Table (LL p. 104) and got 1 Shadow.

Room 33: Rolled trap, no treasure. A roll on the random traps table on p. 147 of the AEC yielded "spear trap."

Room 34: Rolled empty, no treasure. This room connects Rooms 24 and 25, so I referred back to my Stocking Installment Part 6 to see what was in those rooms. I will link this intermediate locale to the general theme of those chambers if possible.

The finished key to Rooms 31-34:

31. Fog and Excrement Chamber 
This 20' x 20' room smells strongly of sea air, and a cold breeze laps at one's feet in here. The entire room is filled floor-to-ceiling with thick, swirling fog. The room is otherwise empty except for a large patch of sticky excrement in the center of the room. The sea-saltiness of the air prevents those who enter the room from smelling the dung patch until it is too late; anyone stepping in the dung will need a full hour to scrub the stuff off boots, shoes, clothes, and/or skin.

32. Shadow's Haunt
This 20' x 20' room is home to a solitary, lurking Shadow. It waits in the darkest corner of the room for its victim(s) to enter, then attacks (usually with surprise). It will chase its prey anywhere on the dungeon level until stopped or vanquished. Even if killed, the shadow will re-materialize here after 1d12 hours -- it is cursed to haunt this room forever.

33. Corridor Spear Trap
The 20' x 20' room at the western end of the corridor glows with golden light; the 30' long section of corridor just east of the room constitutes a deadly spear trap. Anyone stepping or flying into this corridor section will be fired upon by a deadly spear trap, which attacks as a Level 2 Fighter and inflicts 1d6 + 1 damage per hit. The spear trap fires once per round at each individual target in that passage, and the supply of spears cannot be exhausted. The glow in the room to the east is produced by illusory magic; there is no treasure here. Any wandering monster encountered here has a 2 in 6 chance of being the carcass scavenger from Room 39.

34. Abandoned Holy Room and Western Niche
A wooden holy symbol of an obscure cult (the same symbol as that found in Room 24) is all that remains in this otherwise empty chamber. However, if one turn is spent successfully searching the 10' x 10' nook down the passageway to the west, a key will be found in a secret wall compartment. The key is in the same general shape as the holy symbol and opens the secret door to Room 38.

Next time -- the conclusion: Rooms 35-39!


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