Monday, October 10, 2011

"Tales" Episode 1 on 10/17/2011

"Tales from the Hotel Kaladarian" Episode 1

Date: Monday Oct. 17
Time: 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific / Midnight Berlin

No more than four (4) 1st Level PCs are sought for a dangerous and potentially lucrative mission. Roll a new 1st Level PC -- see this post for the standard Arandish options -- or consult the FLAILSNAILS Conventions for PC conversion guidelines.

Please email Sir Hobart of Delzar (aka Carter Soles) at csoles666 at gmail dot com to assure yourself a place at the virtual table -- first come, first served! The Hotel Kaladarian only hires teams of up to four adventurers, so don't delay!

As it says in the Tales from the Hotel Kaladarian Houserules Post, we are using the S&W White Box rules (Third Print Edition -- 25 November 2010) as writ with NO "Alternate Rules."  The only two houserules being added (besides typical Lands of Ara class and race restrictions) are Shields Shall Be Splintered! and Critical Hits and Fumbles.

Online Venue Note: Despite my recent deliberations on the topic, I have decided to use Google+ for this session -- if you sign up to play and aren't yet a member, say so in your email to me and I'll send you an invite. See also these instructions.

My contact information on G+ is: Carter Soles, csoles666 at gmail dot com, avatar is me wearing glasses and holding up a white d30:

See also this announcement and this resource page for more information about Tales from the Hotel Kaladarian.

See you in cyberspace for some Arandish adventures on October 17!

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  1. Ahh, I've got a weekly meeting then or I woulda' mailed you. Have fun.