Sunday, June 10, 2012

d101 Table for Random Curses, Quests, etc. from Ceephax Acid Crew

Speaketh thoust Spawn of Endra:

In between bouts of inadvertently spurring people to publicly state that they hate Rients' d30 rule, I was looking through a notebook of mine this week and found that I had written:

Dear xxxx, Imperviate the following with whatever significance you wish, but ....

And I thought, is that a word, imperviate? So I googled it and for once the Internet actually showed me something cool. Up came the following phrase:

Imperviate a Sowester

This turned out to be #13 of 101 New Years Resolutions for 2012 made by Ceephax, aka Ceephax Acid Crew, an old school acid techno DIY dude.

These would make a good random table for curses, ransom demands, quests, riddles, or whatever. Check it out here. Among my favorites:

  • 6. Banish Poirot's irritating Pteranodon from your greenhouse.
  • 18. Bribe quadrangles left right and centre.
  • 26. Grandiose myself into all the various pageants located in the lost forests of Hurrrr.
  • 41. Deliver all promises on the agenda without upsetting Terry the two toed terrier of terror.
  • 46. Strike a blow at the concept of limitless krikey.
  • 62. Release the tension inherent in the letter W.
  • 64. Offer generous briskets of conversation to the most estimable Sheila of Scratby.
  • 78. Win the U.S open with a Golden Graham and a toothpick.
  • 84. Encircle Lord Faber with a jeopardy bojangle.
  • 91. Acquiesce on Geoffrey's Trojan Amoeba plan despite the 98% probability of it causing a timeflop.

And so on. I'm not much of a techno fan, but I dig this guy's low-budge DIY vibe. You must also watch this video for "My Way of Life":

The epic saga of Commuter is also recommended.


  1. Those are amazing resolutions. That man is capable of speaking like a madlib, a skill for which I've often yearned.

  2. Those videos are impressive too!