Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oubliette Number 8 Featuring The Lands of Ara

As Peter Regan recently announced on his own blog, Oubliette Issue #8 is now available! And for a very limited time, it is downloadable for FREE!!

Regular readers know that I am a big fan of Oubliette -- see my reviews here, here, and here -- but this issue is extra-special: it includes a four-page special feature on The Lands of Ara!

Our special feature aside, I have skimmed the whole issue and as usual, the sheer amount of exciting and usable gaming content in the mag is really impressive. I highly recommend you check out Oubliette #8 if you haven't already. As Peter says in his editorial introduction to the issue:

Most importantly, I want to continue publishing a magazine that, when I pick it up and look at it in 20 years, gives me the same rush of nostalgia that I get now from my old gaming books and magazines from the 1980's.

Sounds like an admirable goal, one I am very happy to support.


  1. I was reading through it a little today and saw you got a big fat feature. Well deserved. I'm really looking forward to the print version now that he has another four out.

  2. The Marg's Trolls of Ara silhouette size chart -- with the human and the Rodian for scale -- is FUCKING genius. So cool to collaborate with these people! Seriously.

  3. Thanks for kind words guys. I'm really pleased with how the feature turned out. This issue already well over the 1,000 download mark. I ordered the print proof of Issue 8 on Friday, and I've started putting the Compilation together so it should be on sale by the end of the month.

    1. Cool, I am particularly looking forward to the next print compilation. The omnibus editions are more convenient for travel to game tables!