Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OSRCon Approaches

I just booked my hotel for OSRCon, which takes place in Toronto in just over a week.  I recently playtested The Tower of Death, my Con module, and will be adding a few last-minute flourishes this weekend.  Based on what happened with the playtest group, I may swap out a monster or two, and might even adjust one level's map in a few small, fiddly ways.  But besides those tweaks and compiling a roster of pregenerated PCs, I am ready to go!  The Tower of Death awaits brave (or foolhardy) OsrCon adventurers!

In related news, I was just over checking out the OSRCon blog, and saw this exciting announcement about "Mind Games," a killer RPG'ing display the Merril Collection will be sponsoring at the Lillian H. Smith Library while the Con is there.  I will have to make sure to pop upstairs and check that out, even though it promises to be a busy weekend, between running my two Labyrinth Lord sessions (Fri. at 9:30am and Sat. at 3:30pm), playing in two sessions of the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Fri. and Sat., and tuning in for the awesome looking "How Have RPGs Changed?" panel featuring James Maliszewski, Ed Greenwood, and Alex Von Thorn (Sat. at 2:30 pm). 

Should be great fun!

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