Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Show Me Your Dice Marathon

Here is my entry in the Gothridge Manor "Show Me Your Dice" Marathon!

Here are the current dice I pull out of my "use at the table" jar for use during a typical session.

Here are all my dice, not counting the miniature sets in my LotFP and S&W White Box Boxed Sets. 

And here is my cat Charlie, investigating my dice.


  1. Only one d4 in your common collection? Don't your wizards like magic missile? What's wrong with them, bunch of deviants?

  2. @Kelvin: I noticed after I snapped that shot that there weren't enough d4's. I would actually have 3-4 of them out during a session.

  3. You have quite the eclectic collection Carter. I try to stay away from d4s as much as possible. I always end up doing d6 damage to myself when handling them.

  4. Nice collection -- I really like the variety of styles and colors. They must look truly awesome all together in the jar too. Very cool!

  5. Cool! Those dice are really something from numbers to shapes and colors. The huge white one really got my attention plus Charlie's cute nose and whiskers nya. buy aion accounts