Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cid's Blog Has Begun

In my recent discussions of the FUDGE RPG and all my various summer gaming plans, one name looms large: Cid Phoenix, a player in the opening sessions of my local The Lost City Campaign and the referee behind all of the games I currently play in. So I am very happy to announce that Cid has created his own website, Sandman Gaming, and blog, Words of Power, which you can look at here. Cid is a prolific generator of campaign and gaming ideas, so even if he just posts all the ruminations I have heard him voice in my presence over the past few months, he could keep that blog content-rich for a good long while. Yet I suspect that Cid has even loftier ambitions -- among other things, he mentions "a series of gaming products" in that opening blog post -- so I urge you to support him and regularly check in on his progress over at Sandman Gaming!

Congratulations Slartibartfast, I mean Cid!

"Hurry up and kill this thing so we can get over to Sandman Gaming!"

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