Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Add Some Wisdom to the Links

I want to echo the challenge put forth by Jeff Rients and urge everybody reading this post to:

1. Find a post at some old school message board or blog that contains some really fun, useful or just kick-ass house rules or advice material, and

2. Copy the link and add it to the OSR Links to Wisdom wikipage.

As Jeff says, it's pretty dang easy to do -- just hit the 'Edit this Page' link at the bottom of the wiki homepage and follow the super-simple formatting as demonstrated by the other links already on the page.

What a great resource! THANKS to the Jovial Priest and Alex Schroeder of Old School RPG Planet for instigating this terrific thing!


  1. Thanks Carter
    Yours and Spawns Bard was one of the first posts I linked the wiki to. Don't be shy - feel free to link to more of your own stuff.

  2. Will do -- so far it has been more fun to try and track down / rediscover some of the stuff other folks have posted. I KNOW where all my own stuff is!

    THANKS for setting this thing up!