Thursday, March 24, 2011

April A-Z Blogging Challenge Preview

For those still unaware of this, Arlee Bird has proposed a Blogging Challenge in which participants "post something on your blog every day in April except for Sundays. In doing this you will have 26 blog posts--one for each letter of the alphabet. Each day you will theme your post according to a letter of the alphabet."

I have officially signed up for this; as you can see if you consult the original post, I'm number 331 to do so.

I am not the only OSR blogger to take part in this, either, and as I have seen other gamers (like Chris, Gavin, David, and The Jovial Priest) pick up the challenge, I noticed that the majority of them are listing what the subject of each A-Z post will be in advance. I was originally planning to keep mine secret until their day of release, but now I have revised my position and hereby offer the following preview of the April offerings to come:

A for Ara
B for Blint
C for Cynidiceans
D for Dimetrodon
E for Eyepecker
F for Fight On!
G for Grinding Gear
H for Hammers of the God
I for Islet
J for Jongleur
K for Kaladar
L for Labyrinth Lord
M for Maps
N for Noffel
O for Oubliette Fanzine
P for Planes
Q for Queen of the Demonweb Pits
R for Rush
S for Sloth of Death
T for Table, d30
U for Undead Stirge
V for Vampire
W for Wereshark
X for X-factor
Y for Yeti
Z for Zappo the Wondrous

One last note: my April A-Z Blogging Challenge posts will all carry an opening caveat for non-gamer readers, directing them to a few explanatory old-school resources.  While my hopes are not super-high that I will attract (or retain) non-gamer readers, that seems to be one of the goals of the challenge, so I want to be as welcoming as possible to those non-OSR visitors I may get.  Do any of you veterans have ideas about which resources I should point to?  I was thinking Matt Finch's Old-School Gaming Primer and J G Halmayr's OSR Terminology Glossary.  Is there anything else out there easily accessible that explains in the simplest possible terms what role-playing gaming is?


  1. No suggestion Carter but great idea to attract new OSR fans. The Matt Finch primer and Halmayr's glossary would be worthy editions to Links of Wisdom don't you think?
    Your post has reminded me to get started on my own AtoZ challenge.

  2. this is OT, but I couldn't see how to contact you otherwise: Stanford University students have very kindly created a random island map generator, results in 2d and 3d, here.

    I don't think they realise they were doing it for Sea of O'sr.

    via Babbling Bane

  3. Interesting; I saw that via reddit, and started using it for my game (The city is magically and physically walled, in addition to just being a generally weird, freaky, and messed up place, as evidenced by the fact that two of the common random encounters are with people who have paisley skin made from tentacles that oozes holy water and mucus, or a group of green-to-grey humanoids with orange tusks debating the merits of a body as a fiddle, so they can't see beyond it right now).

  4. @Jovial: Yes, we should add Finch's and Halmayr's stuff to the wiki. I look forward to your A-Z topics!

    @Richard: THANKS for the heads-up about the island Generator! Really cool!