Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moldvay and Mondrian Variations

So speaketh Spawn:

I was messing around with Illustrator on some map-making the other day using the map in the Moldvay Basic book for the East Tower of the Haunted Keep (p. B57) as a base. At one point I had this image in front of me:

I sat there looking at it for a while, feeling pleased, and thought it reminded me of ... who's that guy? Mondrian? Google told me, Yes, you're thinking of Mondrian. So I screwed around with it more and came up with these variations.

After Composition with Gray and Light Brown, 1918
After Composition with Blue and Yellow, 1932

After Tableau #2, 1922
After Composition #2, 1922
After Lozenge Composition with Yellow, Black, Blue, Red and Gray, 1921
Update: Following John L's comment about making a Mondrian image into a dungeon map, I'd suggest something like this one to be a good candidate, Composition No. 2, Composition in Line and Color, 1913. Found here (scroll sideways a bit).


  1. I think I saw one of your maps in the Getty. Good stuff, sir.

  2. What about the reverse? Take a Mondrian picture and turn it into a dungeon map.

  3. That's awesome! D&D mappage meets fine art!

  4. Yes, we try to keep it classy here.

  5. Hey Spawn. Well done and fun. Also, I like your labels for this post. Art, Maps, Nonsense.

    That last one made me laugh.

  6. LOL!!! Great stuff - Well done!

    You didn't happen to be this painter (who lived in my home city Amersfoort) in a former life, or were you?