Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rob Conley to the Rescue for Magic Item Pricing

I am a "nice" fellow, perhaps to a fault.  I give people a great deal of benefit of the doubt, I am an extremely generous tipper of waiters and other service professionals, and generally tend to be nurturing and patient with my students, colleagues, and friends. This is all well and good when it comes to real life, but as a DM, I often find that I have to force myself to be "tougher" on the PCs than I might normally be inclined to be "in real life."

Case in point: the fantastically low prices I charged for magic items in the early phases of my Arandish Labyrinth Lord campaign.  

Add to this the fact that I basically loathe mathematics (not its existence, for which I am grateful, just the necessity of me doing it) and you have a recipe for disaster, as I have previously confessed in the post linked above.

Enter Rob Conley, who has recently announced a great new resource, Magic Item Creation Costs (with collaborators Tim Shorts and Dwayne Gillingham):

I plan on looking over this beta release and utilizing it a great deal in my own LL game. Thanks Rob!

FYI, this resource is just one of the many exciting chapters in Rob's larger, over-arching current project, the Lost Book of Magic, which "collects all [the rules and background Rob uses to run magic] together much in the same way The Majestic Wilderlands collected [his] rulings and notes for the campaign as a whole." Slated for release this fall, the Lost Book of Magic looks like a winner to me!

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