Monday, April 2, 2012

OSRCon 2012 is Coming!

As Chris Cunnington has recently announced, OSRCon 2012 is coming!  The event will take place August 10-11 in Toronto, and registration began yesterday.  I attended the event last year and it was a complete and utter blast.  This years' guests of honor include Ed Greenwood (Elminster), James Maliszewski, Chris Huth, and a personal idol of my own, Tunnels and Trolls guru Ken St. Andre!  You can bet that I will be vying for a seat at Ken's gaming table at the Con.

Ken St. Andre sez: "Meet me at OSRCon 2012!"

As for myself, I will be running Labyrinth Lord at the Con again this year, very likely using a homebrewed adventure called Keep of the Zombie Master. I will keep you posted on my own plans for OSRCon here at the Lands of Ara blog.

OSRCon registration only costs $20 CDN before July 1st, or $25 CDN afterward, so make your plans and register soon! Also, keep an eye on the official OSRCon website and blog for updates about the Con, the gaming schedule, etc.

I hope to see everybody in Toronto in August!


  1. That's not a bad registration price. Looking forward to reading about all the fun you have.

  2. I just registered; it cost $25 CDN (about $26 US). This suggests that the price has gone up from what I reported above, which was based upon last year's figure.