Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Registered for OSRCon 2012

OSRCon 2012 Registration is now open! OSRCon only costs $25 CDN (about $26 US) this year and it is well worth it for two full days of old-school gaming and camaraderie. (Note that this price differs from what I reported in this post, which was erroneously based upon last year's figure.)

OSRCon 2012 takes place August 10-11 in Toronto; this years' guests of honor include Ed Greenwood (Elminster), James Maliszewski, Chris Huth, and a personal idol of mine, Tunnels and Trolls creator Ken St. Andre. You can bet that I will be playing T&T with the Trollgod at the Con. Further, I am sure many folks are eager to get a chance to play at the very lively Elminster's table again this year.

Other games being run at the 2012 Con include James M.'s OD&D-based Dwimmermount campaign, a couple of Boot Hill sessions, a B/X game, and a very promising looking AD&D game featuring a run through G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief ("there shall be much slaughter"). I will be running two Labyrinth Lord games again (straight LL, no AEC), playing a homebrewed adventure called Keep of the Zombie Master with my usual OSRCon House Rules:

(1) Multiple Round searching for secret doors allowed, and

(2) Shields Shall Be Splintered!

Like last year, I will provide Pre-Generated PCs to all participants.

A photo of my Friday morning Labyrinth Lord session from OSRCon 2011.

My GM code on the linked schedule is #6421; I'm at Table 2 during Session Two (Friday 3:30pm to 7:30pm) and Table 1 during Session Three (Saturday 9:30am to 1:30pm). I hope you'll strongly consider attending OSRCon if you can, and that you might even join me at my Labyrinth Lord game one of those sessions. I really cannot convey in words how special this Con is, though perhaps this post, this postthis post, this post, and this post can convey some sense of the excitement and fun to be had at this event.

Please keep your eye on the official OSRCon website and blog for updates about the Con, the schedule, and so on.

Ken St. Andre sez: "Meet me at OSRCon 2012!"

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