Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tales from OSRCon - Why I Love This Photo

Ever since I returned from OSRCon in August, I have plugged a bunch of Garfield's photos into my computer desktop background as a rotating slide show.  It is fun, as I work at my computer grading papers and the like, to see images go by that remind me of the AWESOME time I had at the Con.

One of my favorite photos in the bunch, at least of those that center on me as a subject, is this one:

I like this shot for several reasons:

- It was taken moments before OSRCon ended on Saturday, so it was literally the last shot taken of me while I was there.

- It depicts me wearing my LotFP shirt and holding a copy of Vornheim I just won -- so I'm sporting quite visible old-school credentials here. 

- As I said, I won that copy of Vornheim in a post-session raffle, but it so happens that I already bought a copy of the book back in May.  So rather than cling onto two copies, I asked around amongst some of my compatriots to see who wanted it or would get use out of it.  It turns out that Theo (depicted below) was quite interested in Vornheim, so I simply gave him my newly won copy.  Theo attempted to offer me money or trade for it, but I figured, hey, this was a total freebie for me, why not share the wealth with a gamer who will surely get use out of the product?  So I insisted that he accept the spare copy of Vornheim as an OSRCon gift.


- Soon thereafter, as everyone was gathering up their stuff to leave the building for the last time that weekend, Theo came up to me and gave me a set of dice that he had used in my Friday morning Labyrinth Lord game.  I had been admiring his dice earlier in the Con, and at the end, as a kind of karmic trade-off for giving him the Vornheim book, he gifted me that set of dice, which I subsequently photographed back at my hotel room:

The dice, alongside some Canadian coins.

And that is my favorite OSRCon story, a real illustration of the comradely spirit that characterized the whole event for me.  Moral of the tale?  Theo rocks, and so does OSRCon!


  1. Vornhemi is such a freaking awesome book. This was a great story, man.

  2. Rock on brother Carter! lol
    That's a memory I cherish as well. I was interested in Vornheim before the Con, and when I saw it I was very excited. I'm enjoying it quite a bit actually, and I hope you're getting good use out of the dice. I bought them just before the Con, and your game saw their first use. They came unto their own, obtaining epic item status, shortly thereafter in James' Dwimmermount. Somehow, when the group needed it, the good Dwarf would plant his feet and mete out multiple consecutive solid hits with those dice (I think it was 6 or so in a row).
    Moradin, Clangeddin and Dumathoin smile upon their user! Until next year's OSRcon my friend, I wish you an open road of adventure, with good tabac and a cold tankard at the end of it each night.

  3. Rock it! I am jealous of the fun that was had!

    Storied dice and storied game books ... that's sweet.

  4. Sounds like a great time was had by all!

  5. @Theo: I can't wait to game with you again next year! And my plan for the dice is to use them as my main Labyrinth Lord's set in my upcoming public game in Brockport. Hopefully they will see more epic use!

    @All: Thanks for the positive comments -- and consider joining us for OSRCon next year!