Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chessex Pound-O-Dice Arrives!

As you may have guessed, I ordered a Pound-O-Dice from Chessex, and it arrived at my door yesterday!  Here is the box it came in:

Here is the box, barely opened . . .


A Pound-O-Dice!

(My cats prefer the box to the dice.)

Here's what a pound of dice looks like out of the bag . . .

. . . depicted here with the bonus set of dice it comes with in its separate sealed envelope . . .

. . . here is the bonus set itself . . .

. . . here are a few of my favorite individual dice from the Pound . . .

. . . and, lastly, the whole shebang.

Thanks Chessex!


  1. My Pound o' Dice was full of d20s, which was something of a disappointment. It looks like you got a much better mix, and I didn't get anything as interesting as that ourobouros d6!

  2. Very nice! Years ago my buddy and I visited the Chessex booth at ComicCon. For five or ten bucks you could stick your hand in a bucket full of dice. Whatever you could hold onto were yours. My buddy was a big dude so he did the grabbing. I don't think I got quite as many nifty dice as you did, however! Nice haul. The cats seem to love the box, too.

  3. Yes, the Chessex deals kick ass. And I was really pleased to find that ourobouros d6 in the mix as well!