Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lands of Ara = Rated R

Well, I took this test and found out that we are rated R.

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The reason: use of the words "death" (5x), "asshole" (3x), "pissed" (2x), and "drugs" (1x). [Note: I am personally a little surprised that Spawn and I haven't used the word "drugs" more than once on this blog. For shame!]

I suppose this means that everybody except the under-17's can pretty much keep reading The Lands of Ara blog without parental supervision. If you are younger than that, and reading this unsupervised, then don't tell your parents you're reading this fuckin' shit, okay?

To conclude, I am glad we at least hit the R, but I am secretly disappointed that we didn't rate an NC-17. Well done, James!

UPDATE: Fuck that shit! The previous post has fucking opium and Aleister Crowley in it! Satan Goat fuck, whore president, slut pederast, Bayern-Leverkusen. Licorice butt-fuck! 666.

Christ on crutches.



  1. Ha! Nice work. I only got a PG-13. ?!? Apparently, my blogfeed had The Flaming "Faggot" blog in it, so that skewed the results enough to make it 13+. I feel so Brady friendly! ;)

  2. In other news, text parsing rating script fatally flawed...

  3. This, too, slipped past the censors: "orgiastic sodomizers" from this session report: