Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crazy Egor's - Closed Today

Well, as expected, today I went to visit a promising looking FLGS, Crazy Egor's, in the nearby (20 minutes east) village of Hilton. It was an extremely pleasant drive down a country highway (Hwy. 18) to Hilton, and the road brought me into town right at the very corner at which Crazy Egor's sits:

Sadly for me, however, the shop was closed today for the first part of the afternoon, apparently due to a Trollish labor shortage:

So I had a late lunch at a nearby restaurant . . .

. . .  noticed this cool clock . . .

. . . and headed west, back down the country road to my home village of Brockport.

Crazy Egor's: I'll be back.


  1. Oh wow, that's much different than I remember already. Have they always been there. Maybe I'm just old!

  2. @bulette: No, I think they have moved since the "olden days," you can read the whole story here (scroll down to "historical note"):

  3. How was the food at the Hilton Family restaurant?

  4. Oh yeah, that's more like it. 10,000 sq. feet! Wow, that place was huge. I wondered if I'd confused him for some place else for a moment there. Thanks!

  5. @Christian: I liked the food, I had a club sandwich. I discovered that it must be a regional thing to offer various types of club (triple-decker) sandwiches, including chicken salad, roast beef, and cheeseburger varieties. I got the "standard" kind with turkey.