Sunday, September 18, 2011

No-Show Leads to Change of Plans

Well, I showed up for the initial orientation meeting of my proposed Labyrinth Lord group at the local bookstore, but sadly, nobody else came. It may be that I have not yet established enough of a web of contacts in the local gaming community to attract prospective players. Or maybe there simply aren't enough local tabletop RPG'ers in the immediate area to sustain a local old-school D&D group at all, at least not on Sundays at 1pm at Lift Bridge Books. At least not yet.

In any case, this means a re-assessment of my next step is called for. I may re-attempt an Old-School D&D Group at the bookstore again in the future, but I need to regroup and re-prioritize a little bit first.

As I recently reported, there are a number of local game shops I have not yet set foot in. So that seems the next most likely avenue for exploration.

Especially promising in this regard is the recurring Retro Games Night at Pair-A-Dice Games. Maybe I'll just show up there on October 1 with Labyrinth Lord rules and The Lost City in hand, and see what happens.

The Cynidiceans want to kick your ass.

But most immediately, my plans include getting a ConstantCon game started. I will make an "official" announcement of this soon, and will advertise the first virtual meetup on this blog and on Zak's Wednesday "bulletin board" immediately thereafter.

 "Tales from the Hotel Kaladarian" is coming!


  1. Get confirmations from an initial group to show up for the next session... if you can bring in 2 or 3 people you know will show up, you can still hope to drag in people who see you and wonder what's going on.

  2. Also, if you get a G+ game going I want in. ;)

  3. Sorry to hear about the no show. Especially considering all the prep work you did.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions and supportive comments, all. The prep work I did will mostly still come in handy if I attend one of those old-school gaming nights sponsored by Pair-A-Dice.

  5. @bombshelter: Following a forthcoming general Campaign Concept Unveiling, I will announce specific G+ game dates here and on Zak's Wednesday ConstantCon blog post. Then it will be first-come, first-served by email.

  6. That sucks, Carter. I'd guess that people see a flyer for something awesome and fun that they'd really like to be a part of, but then their inner fears make them feel like there's no way they are cool enough to be in that scene. So they exclude themselves a priori. I'm sure there were half-a-dozen folks sitting at home this afternoon trying to screw their courage to the sticking place and berating themselves for not embracing what they want.

    I am looking forward to the Hotel Kaladarian angle, though. Keep on rockin' in the free world.

  7. Too bad it fell through Carter. It reminds me of comments James made at OSRcon, that prior to the Con, he had reservations about the people that would attend. After a short while into the first session, he amended those thoughts by saying what a great bunch of people attended, and how it re-energized his gaming.
    I'll try to keep myself posted regarding your online game and try to beat the crowd in signing up!

  8. @Theo: I'd love to have you onboard for the forthcoming online games! I will try to announce them here a day ahead of posting them to Zak's blog, thereby giving Lands of Ara readers an edge.

  9. I remember B/X Blackrazor's misery with his attempt to start a gaming group in his local store.

    From this


    Don't sweat it Carter

  10. Ooh, a gaming store at Village Gate? I'm there. Too bad it won't last.

  11. @Jovial: Thanks for the links.

    @Cid: Why won't it last? I'm new to the area. Is that a lousy location?