Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pound-O-Dice Revisited

I was just reading Spawn's great pictorial account of the arrival of his very own Chessex Pound-O-Dice, and found myself particularly impressed with his shot of the lb. split up by die type. It had not occurred to me to depict my own lb. of dice this way, and since I have to gather those dice together for the first orientation meeting of my FLBS D&D group tomorrow, I thought I would pause long enough to take just such a shot or two.

Here is my Pound-O-Dice still in the bag, next to the case I plan to store it in for travel to Lift Bridge Books tomorrow.

Bird's eye view of the Pound, separated by die type.

I won't bother to do the whole mathematical breakdown, but it does look like the set strongly favors d6s and d20s, with a decent spread of d8s, d10s, and d12s, but I got short-changed on d4s:  I only got two d4s in the whole set!

 My two pink d4s.

Here is a pic of a few of the smallest d6s I got, with another d6 in the frame for scale. Are these the tiny ones you other guys are complaining about?

My menagerie of small d6s, plus their big brother for comparison.

And lastly, a couple of pics of my array of materials for tomorrow's meeting:

My dice in their case, including my special DM-only "Theo set" on the right there.

Adventure awaits the boldest and bravest of Brockport!


  1. A member of my gaming group has some of those pink dice. I really like the two-tone d20s.

  2. Looks like alot of fun just waiting to happen!

  3. Indeed no, the teeny tiny d6s I have are about an eighth of the size of those mammoth six-siders!

  4. I got a whole bunch of d4s in mine, but absolutely no d8s! I guess it is fairly random that way.

  5. In the end, I think part of the fun of the Pound-O-Dice is -- as in our games -- the random element.

  6. I wants me a Pound o' Dice! *Sigh* I live in the Great White North and shipping just makes them too expensive. I keep hoping I'll come across some ol' grognard's dice jar in a junk shop that I can buy for next to nothing...hey! a fella can dream, can't he?