Saturday, April 23, 2011

T for Table, d30

[Note: Any non-gamers tuning in to this series of posts are invited to consult my New Reader Introduction for some RPG-specific definitions and a general introduction to the Lands of Ara blog.]

Since I recently blogged about Blint, and since there is a decent chance my current group of PCs may eventually find their way through there, I have decided to create two random encounter tables for this southern Arandish territory.

I prefer d30 encounter tables, being a loyal member of the Order, so that's what's on offer here. To preserve campaign security, I will merely attach the two Blintian d30 encounter tables as a pdf rather than posting them in full to the blog; players in my campaign should avoid looking at them.


  1. Great charts! They really give the flavor of the setting.

  2. Thanks! I really enjoy concocting custom random encounter tables. And using the d30 allows for a wider array of entries!