Sunday, December 10, 2017


Since I last checked in I have played some Labyrinth Lord off and on, but not for quite awhile, and my online group has basically fizzled out -- the campaign not quite finished but the momentum quelled by various life things. Maybe this was mostly my fault. I don't know. Creative work often transpires in ebbs and flows, organic cycles that no individual really fully controls. Maybe that great group will yet reunite -- a sequel? a reboot? -- to face and vanquish Lord Needbo IV.

I haven't gamed in quite some time and am getting the itching to do so. Part of my excitement about this stems from a fun (mega?) dungeon idea that I've been moodling over for a year-plus now. It is called Alaxxx's Pofflesnoo and it is the first idea I've had in awhile that feels properly organic. It is one concrete thing, a simple premise, not some grandiose IDEA transmogrified into a Labyrinth Lord dungeon setting. I don't want to give away much of anything about it yet -- I want to get players adventuring in it and then report on it via their in-game exploits.

But I am back and my next task is to start contacting a few folks I have gamed with around here before, and see if I can talk them into a session this January.


P.S. I am greatly looking forward to Daniel Proctor's forthcoming omnibus edition of Labyrinth Lord Basic and Advanced. I'll post when the Kickstarter for this must-have tome goes live.