Sea of O'SR

An Ocean of Old School Adventures!

About the Project
First, Telecanter asked:
what if there were one page islands and people wrote a bunch of them? Then you might have a campaign that you could pick and choose from a variety of isles.

Then Planet Algol mused about whether or not the OSR could produce a Paizo-esque "Adventure Path," rightly surmising that:
There's no reason that an Adventure Path has to be a tasteless save-the-world railroad. It can be a series of interconnected sandbox-ish environments with an overarching narrative. A picaresque pulp serial instead of Dragonlance.

Then Paul Gorman at Quickly, Quietly, Carefully posted this call to action:
Will anyone join me in jump starting the island hopping "Sea of O'sr" project with a 3-hour islet?

And thus, The Sea of O'sr: An Ocean of Old School Adventures is engaged in an ongoing quest for 3-Hour Islet submissions. There is some vague consensus around generating the islet maps on a roughly 360'-per-hex scale, but nothing is set in stone -- anything goes!

Sea of O'SR Keyed Islets

Paul Gorman, Isle of Oxuders

migellito, Entero Island [in progress]: Islet Map, Location "A" Key, Location "B" Key, Locations C & D Key, Location E Key, Location F Key

Arkhein, Surts' Isle [draft version]

David, Atoll of U'slim [in progress]

Johnathan Bingham, Litenport Isle

R.W. Chandler, Islets of Rlloth

Carter Soles, Wraithstone Island

RichardThinks, Coelomia

Telecanter, Terraces of the Teratomest, Proposal and Map Draft 

Johnathan Bingham, Isle of Maedsid and Isle of Maedsid Maps [keys in progress]

Sea of O'SR Unkeyed Islets / Inspirational Offerings

Telecanter, Islets in the Sea of O'SR

Talysman, Isles and Islets

JDJarvis, An Island Map

Nicolò Maioli, Isle Variation

Planet Algol, Further OSR Adventure Path Brainstorming

Telecanter, Island Maps

Sea of O'SR Random Encounter Tables and Supplements

Stanford Random Islet Generator

Paul Gorman, Random Encounters for Sea Crawls

JDJarvis, Sea Encounters and Hazards

JDJarvis, Shore Approach

Paul Gorman, Ship Speed Mechanics

Arkhein, And a Star to Sail Her By, downloadable ship layouts for use with miniatures

Arkhein, The Feycutter, a cool Elven ship

Telecanter, Sea Hexes

Telecanter, Winds and Wind Tables

Zak Sabbath, Wavecrawl Kit

Sea of O'SR Suggested Adventure Paths

Prose and/or links to follow.