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The Lands of Ara Compendium 2011

Monsters and NPCs
Mind Flayer (uses Realms of Crawling Chaos psionics)

Encounter Tables
Great Western Swamp Encounter Table (d20 and d30)
Novellan Mountains Encounter Table (d20 and d30)
Ghardash Wilderness Encounter Table (d20 and d30) 
Northern Arandish Forest Encounter Table (d20 and d30) 
Minochian Mountains Encounter Table (d30 only)
30 Arandish Tavern Patrons (d30 only)
Eastern and Western Blint Encounter Tables (d30 only)

General Dungeon Master Resources
Labyrinth Lord Hoard Class Conversion Table (converts AD&D and B/X Treasure Types to LL)
One-Hour Dungeon Map

Arandish Campaign Resources
NEW Large Ara Map with Numbered Hexes (hexography by Spawn of Endra) [forthcoming]
Sword-Cleric of Frey class description and tables
Rodians: Race As Class version
Rodians: "Advanced" Class Options
Complete 2d6 Bardery
The 2d6 Jongleur (Bard Variant)
2d6 Rangery [forthcoming]
Arandish Ogres as PCs
Arandish Campaign House Rules 2011

Crimson Blades of Ara (a homebrewed, unfinished  FRPG by Carter Soles and Dave Miller)
Table of Contents
Introduction: The Legend of the Crimson Blades
Book I: Creating Player Characters
Book II: Actions and Combat
Book III: Magical Arts