Monday, October 22, 2012

Admission of Minor Weak Sauce with DUNGEON! Review

Qualifieth and clarifieth doth thine Spawn doeth:
We have as an editorial policy here -- unspoken, unwritten, unresolved, unrequested, unrequited, unrealized (up to the present moment, perchance) -- that we each must be able to call ourselves on our own bullshit.

We are never full-on bullshit, but even so we strive towards a lessening of our own bullshit and the general bullshit we all take part in.

Right. So anyway, I never read the Setup pages of the DUNGEON! rules closely before running the last post. Seemed like a waste of time. THERE is where the equations of race and class are made. I missed this. Here we go:

Rogue (Halfling)

Cleric (Dwarf)

Fighter (Human)

Wizard (Elf)

Race as Class turns to orthogonal Race or Class. More Agency with the latter. Not.

Weird. No. Dumb. Plain old dumb.

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  1. Spawn! I edit a satirical archaeology periodical called The Bent Trowel ( I read a few of your posts and thought you might like to have a read through our humble efforts. Perhaps you would even consider writing something for us? Please have a look.

    P.S., I enjoyed the robust and significant implications of the ideas expressed in your dissertation rant.