Saturday, February 13, 2010

Session Photos and Arandish PC Guidebooks

 Carter Soles, enthusiastic Labyrinth Lord, with some of his minions.

Back when I was preparing for the start of Arandish Campaign 2010, I assembled some documents that I thought would be of use to my players, especially on the opening character generation night.  I printed up two copies of this Arandish PC Guidebook and put them into report folders for my players.  If you are curious about what went into these folders, I now offer their content as pdfs via the link below!  The Guidebook includes:

Arandish 2010 House Rules
Arandish PC Class Options
Rodian Player Characters
Sword-Cleric of Frey Class Description
Sword-Cleric of Frey Tables

Here is a link to the downloadable pdfs of all the Lands of Ara content in the Arandish PC Guidebook.

Note that in addition to my own original content, I also inserted information  about a couple of key character classes created by other bloggers into the hard copies of the PC guidebook, i.e., the Beyond the Black Gate Thief and the Ode to Black Dougal Barbarian.

 Carter displaying an Arandish PC Guidebook.


  1. That's awesome, these pictures are classic!

  2. We do have fun, and I certainly have been proud and happy about how Labyrinth Lord is working for us as a rules system in actual play. It works great! In fact, my hardbound copy of the LL rulebook arrived yesterday; I'll have to get another photo taken, posing with the new book.

    @Carl: Thanks for taking these great photos!