Saturday, March 26, 2011

d10 Blog Post: A Monster / Trap Combo

Rarely one to pass up an externally imposed blogging challenge, I have rolled on Zak's d10 blog post topic table, coming up with a "5" result, i.e., "Write up a monster/trap combination. Neither the monster nor the trap must be original, but the combo must be interesting."


Illustration copyright Dan Frazier.

The Ogre Acid Pool
A trapdoor or pit trap drops the victim(s) into a pool of acid, which inflicts 1d6 damage per round of exposure. Furthermore, two powerful (max. hp) ogres armed with spiked clubs (treat as flails) tend the pool, guarding its perimeter and clubbing anyone who tries to climb out, forcing them back into the acid. Each ogre wears a magical amulet that makes the wearer immune to acid damage, so the ogres can (and will) wade into the pool itself to continue beating on their victims.

Bonus Material!
Despite my enjoyment in concocting the Ogre Acid Pool above, I guess I was secretly hoping I might get result "6" on Zak's table, i.e., "Give us a spell. Just one. Or more if you're hardcore." I may not be hardcore, but I do have one fun, mischievous little spell to offer you:

Lvl. 1 MU
Range: touch
Duration: caster level in hours
This spell forces a single target's face to be frozen into a particularly stupid expression: bewildered-looking, cross-eyed, and/or with tongue lolling out of the target's mouth. This effectively lowers the victim's CHA by -3 for the spell's duration.  The target can still talk and his or her INT is unaffected, but s/he will slur speech, stutter, and cannot use any big or complicated words while the spell is in effect. This spell does not prevent spellcasters from casting spells, but does increase the chance that they will misspeak and therefore provoke unexpected results.


  1. No save? If so, I'm in love with this spell.

  2. No, no save. I figure if Sleep doesn't allow a save, then surely Dunce-Face (which is less powerful overall) shouldn't either. Besides, I wouldn't want to diminish your love for the spell by "watering it down" with a save.