Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Bardery for Labyrinth Lord

I am an avid follower of Dyson Logos' A character for every game, and today he has a post on Labyrinth Lord Downloadables that I urge you to investigate and contribute to.

Amongst the various other goodies Dyson pointed me toward in that post was yet another gamer's take on a Bard class for Labyrinth Lord. I am most eager to look this over -- it is available at Djeryv's Graveyard, under "Sections" ~ "Labyrinth Lord" in the left-hand column (or direct download here). At first glance, it looks like Djeryv's Bard is geared toward the AEC's "Advanced" options for LL, whereas the Bard that Spawn of Endra and I came up with (available under the "Downloads" tab above or here) is a mish-mash of the Delving Deeper Bard class and Dyson's own 2d6 Thiefin' house rules.

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing, Dyson!

And perhaps Djeryv's Bard should be added to the Links to Wisdom wiki?


  1. Also, I've looked over Djeryv's pdf more thoroughly now, and it looks really good. It is somewhat similar to what we have come up with for Bards for Ara, and the 2d6-based skill system could be easily grafted onto this Bard variant as well.

    The main difference is that Djeryv's AEC bard is magical: it uses singable spells called "Songs" do generate arcane effects. I like this concept and might adopt it for later use in the Lands of Ara, as an additional option to our more decidedly un-magical current version.

  2. Yeah, it's a cool bard and professional PDF looking with nice pics. I could see myself using it and I'm still waiting to see you put it in the wiki right next to your own Bard! Because yours and Spawns bard is still very cool IMO. It's not magical, that's good in my book and it's 2d6. That's me sold!

  3. @Jovial: Got it on the wiki at last, thanks for keeping after me.

  4. @Jovial: Thanks for the compliments on our take on the Bard. Dealing with the "magic or non-magic" part was actually the most brain-twisting and anger-making part of the whole process for me. I definitely learned a lot by going through that, but I'm glad that someone else appreciates the non-magic Bard at the end of it all.

  5. Non-magic bards are in fact my preference -- I see them as loremasters and mountebank-ish charmers -- but the magical variant is interesting in and of itself, though I will refer to the latter as "Spellsingers" in Ara.