Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back to Lift Bridge Books on June 3

I have checked in with Joe, the manager at Lift Bridge Books, and confirmed a good start date for my public Labyrinth Lord campaign there: Sunday June 3rd at 1pm.

Here is my promotional flyer:

I am so excited to be getting this going again, and am most grateful to my current local players and to Lift Bridge Books for helping me make it happen!

Outta my way! I've got to get to Lift Bridge Book Shop!

UPDATE: Thanks to Joe, here is the announcement of the June 3rd game on the Lift Bridge website.


  1. Damn, Carter. I wish I still lived in Spencerport... Been 13 years though. Hope you get a great turnout!

  2. Thanks! You are always welcome to roll some dice with us if you're back in western NY.

  3. Hi! On your flyer you wrote "drop-ins welcome".

    Many years ago I had a similar game going in a public place but I would not have been able to handle drop-ins. Space was simply limited. Because of that I had a "waiting list" of people who wanted to play and got called by me a week in advance. "Next saturday is your turn."

    I am curious: How do you handle a spontaneous crowd?

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    2. @mondbuchstaben: I don't know how I'll handle it yet! Last time I tried this, no one showed up, so I haven't yet experienced the problem of having too many players show up. But thanks for your insight, it's something I may need to be prepared for.