Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Hour Dungeon

Well, I caught the "One Hour Dungeon" bug and finally had time yesterday to sit down and map one out.  I am a somewhat slow mapper even in the best of times, so in actuality my "One Hour" map is really a one hour and forty three minute map -- the exact duration of Paul Verhoeven's Robocop, to be exact.  Part of this slowness factor is that I frequently shade in unused areas as a I go, in order to keep my own head straight.

Anyway, here it is (or as pdf here):

It is as yet un-keyed but I have a couple features -- one fountain and two teleporter pads -- delineated.  Also note that the area on the left side of the map with rooms and passages inscribed in dotted lines is submerged underwater.  I was inspired to add the water (presumably an underground lake or some kind of excessive seepage) once I got close to the one-hour mark and thought I wouldn't have time to fill in that corner of the map at all.  Then I decided "Screw it!" and gave myself the nearly-two-hours I needed to complete the 8.5 x 11" page and to fill in the submerged sections.

Also note that not all the non-usable areas that should be shaded in are shaded yet -- just the ones I filled in as I drew.  There are still a few of those left to shadow in, as well as a couple more "special features" to add -- for which I almost always turn to Al's Random Area Name Generator for inspiration.  


[And see also David's "Nexus" of One-Hour Dungeons here.]


  1. I love seeing the different directions people are taking this. I also fill in my blank spaces as I go. It makes it much easier for me to see where to keep going. Sometimes the empty space is just as important as the mapped space.

    You'll be added to the Nexus shortly!