Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arandish Monster Roundup

Inspired by Al's excellent organizational scheme for cataloging his Megadungeon Resources posts, and by my own game-masterly need for such a thing, I have decided to consolidate the information relating to all the Ara-specific monsters here in one place.  So what follows are links to all the information and stat blocks pertaining to Ara's unique monster denizens.

The Trolls of Ara

Monsters of the Great Western Swamp, including the frog-like Blaag and the dreaded Swamp Tiger.

Arandish Vampires

Three Badass Dragons

Arandish Goblins and Hobgoblins

Horned Cyclops

Dark Orcs

Four Demons

Deep Gnomes and Deep Hobbits

Four Dimetrodons



Tree Wilden (Sloth of Death)

Undead Stirge

Undead Yeti


  1. Great resource for Ara players! I love the picture too. That was such a fun cartoon!

  2. Hey wait a sec! Why would the dwarf we've been trying to rescue FROM the hobgoblins be named after The Demon Prince of Hobgoblins? Egads that's weird!

  3. @Armchair:"DOWN, DOWN TO GOBLIN TOWN!"

    @Spawn: I assume it's an issue of translation; Gark's name in Dwarvish is probably different than how it sounds in Common.

    Or maybe not. . . .

  4. I really like this picture of the monsters.

  5. the monster pic is from the Hobbit, yes?

  6. Yes, from the Rankin and Bass musical "The Hobbit" movie. Well spotted.