Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Western Swamp d30 Encounter Table!

In ongoing celebration of my recent acquisition of a 30-sided die, I here present a new and improved Monster Encounter Table for the Great Western Swamp for use with a d30.  Note that this is a revision / expansion of the table found in this previous post on encounters in the Great Western Swamp.  I have put both the original 1d20 version from that post and my brand-new 1d30 version on a pdf available here for free download.

Remember that The Great Western Swamp is so notorious for being difficult to navigate that even skilled scouts and rangers from other regions have difficulty finding their way.  Thus local scouts and barge captains who specialize in traversing the Great Western Swamp get a +1 bonus to any scouting / tracking activity in the Swamp, and also add a +1 modifier to rolls on this Encounter Table.

Great Western Swamp Encounter Table – 1d30

1-2: Swamp Troll
3: Black Dragon
4: Carnivorous Beetle
5: Spitting Beetle
6: Babbler (see Fiend Folio p. 13)
7: Ghoul
8: Giant Bat
9: Giant Killer Bee
10: Giant Toad
11: Blaag
12: Swamp Tiger
13: Troglodyte
14: Stirge
15: Boar
16: Carcass Scavenger
17: Giant Centipede
18: Giant Carnivorous Fly
19: Giant Leech
20: Ogre
21: Insect Swarm
22: Rat
23: Giant Rat
24: Thork (see Fiend Folio p. 88)
25: Orc
26: Owlbear
27: Berserker
28-29: Brigand
30: Fugitive Magic-User.  This result includes a 2% chance of encountering the apparition of Awra; in all other cases, it is a typical magic-user (level 1-6, rolled randomly) fleeing from Noffellian authorities.
31: Vendetta Seeker (vs. the guide). This can be any type of monster or NPC that the guide or barge captain has wronged / made enemies with in the past.  The creature will attack the guide as well as the party indiscriminately.


  1. Cool stuff! I'm borrowing this one straight away. Okay, so I'll have to get a D30 but I think that might be a wise investment.

    Nice to see some Fiend Folio monsters coming in there. I got FF for the undead (did I mention that I love undead?) but it's always a challenge to find a good use for some of the less well-known monsters.


  2. Yes, I like undead as well, and (at least parts of) the FF.

  3. I've always had a thing for monsters that don't kill you but make you one of them. Still recognisably you but so obviously not you. In that sense, the undead are a bit like the D&D equivalent of the Borg.

    Another of my favourite monsters from the FF is the Meenlock. What dark imaginings stir in my mind when I read the phrase "...after a short but gruesome treatment, the victim himself becomes a Meenlock". Perhaps I could run a competition to see who can come up with the most horrifying scenario? Although Jim Raggi would win.

    My dice is on its way; now, how do I become a member of the Order of the D30?

  4. To join the Order of the d30, you simply cut and paste the Order's insignia into your own blog -- feel free to pilfer mine, or go straight to the source (Jeff's Gameblog), nicely summarized here: http://www.rpgblog2.com/2008/11/order-of-d30.html

    Welcome to the Order!