Monday, November 30, 2009

Novellan Mountains d30 Encounter Table

The Novellan Mountains, which form the northern border of Telengard and extend eastward to the dwarven kingdom of Gannar, are known as a particularly dangerous place.  Bulettes abound in these high mountain passes, and the most dreaded of the Arandish red dragons, Razgar, is known to roost somewhere in this mountain range.  And of course the Arandish rock troll is another well-known denizen of the area. . . so adventurers beware!

Click here for the free downloadable pdf of this encounter table, including a 1d20 version.

Novellan Mountains Encounter Table – 1d30
1: Ape, Albino
2: Bear, Grizzly
3: Bear, Cave
4: Beetle, Spitting
5-6: Bulette
7: Cat, Mountain Lion
8: Cat, Sabre-Tooth Tiger
9-10: Cyclops, Horned
11: Dragon, Red (60% chance that this is Razgar the Red Dragon)
12: Dragon, White
13: Dwarf
14: Giant, Hill
15: Giant, Stone
16: Griffon
17-18: Hobgoblin
19: Lycanthrope, Werewolf
20: Men, Brigands (30% that the band includes dwarves)
21: Men, Ranger (50% chance Telengardian Roughrider)
22: Morlock
23: Neanderthal
24: Ogre
25: Orc
26: Roc, Giant
27-28: Troll, Rock
29: Wolf, Dire
30: Yeti (see Monster Manual p. 103)


  1. Another day, another great encounter table from Carter, another use for my D30.

    It got used yesterday for the first time in combat - with great success!

    Also I found the cyclops mini and will try to upload the picture I took to my PC and thence to my blog soonest.

  2. I can't remember if it was Jeff Rients or Chgowiz that talked about using the d30 as a once per session bonus option for players, ie. once per session it can be used as a to hit roll, or as a saving throw, or something like that at the DM's discretion. Seems like a neat idea.

  3. Jeff Rients, I believe, pioneered the idea. It's spreading virally.

    It put in an appearance in my dungeon as a replacement damage dice for the lucerne hammer and managed to inflict sixteen points of damage on a skeleton swordsman. Yay!

  4. Yes, we've been using that same d30-once-per-session rule as a house rule in our Mutant Future group. Just this Sunday I used it as a damage die for a plasma pistol, in lieu of a d6!

  5. I am very happy to see the cyclops included.