Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crimson Blades of Ara

As I have mentioned before, The Lands of Ara campaign setting was originally co-created by myself and Dave Miller starting back in 1989 as part of a fantasy RPG we wrote together called Crimson Blades of Ara. My contributions to this blog represent my first major attempt to translate that setting into D&D terms; prior to last year, Ara existed only as a setting in which Crimson Blades of Ara (CBoA) was played.

Very recently, imredave of Forgotten Runes commented on my blog that he might be interested in looking over the CBoA rules.  Though it had not occurred to me until reading imredave's comment that anyone (including myself) would be interested in looking back at those rules, I am only too happy to oblige.  So what I plan to do is to make the completed sections of the CBoA Rulebook -- there is an unfinished Referee's section that is likely to remain unfinished -- available as pdfs here.

The CBoA Rulebook has four main completed chapters: an Introduction, a Characters chapter, an Actions and Combat chapter, and a Magic chapter.  They are all available now at the link above; but over the next few weeks I will post chapter-specific commentaries outlining the broad features of the game system and maybe even offering some present-day reflective commentary on CBoA.  I hope it is informative / enjoyable / inspiring to some or many of you.  Thanks for the interest, imredave!


  1. Thanks so much for posting. I am afraid I am a little late in responding, as I sometimes get into fire and forget mode with my comments. I am a bit of a collector of old game systems, and often find some interesting ideas in even the roughest of game systems. I am glad to see you are following up with a series of posts for later on. I'll let you know my impressions after I take a look through.