Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here's what's nihilistic and amoral + Holy Water Bolas

Says Spawn: For all the pages of BS being written about these two concepts lately, I don't see any fucking Joesky tax being paid by anyone. So fuck you.

And since I'm just over 25 words, I'll lead by example. Here's a new weapon.

Holy Water Bolas
Holy water bolas were developed by Innominus the Follower of Endra in the Lands of Ara. Each set comprises 2 half-vials of holy water in specially blown containers on the end of two leads, and a third lead with an iron weight. When thrown against undead they can cause 1d8 damage as holy water, but will also entangle the abomination and reduce its movement. They are so bad-ass that when used against intelligent undead for the first time, they will be startled and say "Holy (or Unholy) Shit!". If the attack is successful, after the searing pain of righteous burning subsides, the undead will nod appreciatively and acknowledge the cleric's bad-assness by saying "Good one."


  1. Tho' not a lich myself, still I say "good one"!

  2. Just make sure the "vials" don't knock together when you trow them.