Monday, December 28, 2009

Available Classes Update Number Three

Since the previous "comprehensive" available class update, I have (of course) added a couple more PC class options into my Lands of Ara campaign.  So it seems appropriate to offer yet another "comprehensive" update, which officially supersedes any previous information given on available PC classes in the Lands of Ara.  The extant classes in my Lands of Ara campaign, listed by race, are:

Fighter, Cleric, Magic-User: as per Labyrinth Lord.

Noffellian Sword-Cleric: a special type of undead-fighting Noffellian cleric described here.

Fire Elementalist, Earth Elementalist, Wind Elementalist, Water Elementalist, Cold Elementalist: five cleric sub-classes, all to be described in forthcoming posts.

Druid: as per AD&D Player’s Handbook.  The druid is a rare PC type in Ara, since Arandish Druids are nature-lovers and tend to live reclusively in the wilds, eschewing civilization and human company.

Thief: As previously specified, I am officially switching from the Grognardia version of the thief to the Beyond the Black Gate version.  This thief class is used for both human thieves and rodian rogues (see below).

Barbarian: Barbarians are a permitted class, though are extremely rare in Ara except as Mizarians. Mizarian barbarian characters in the Lands of Ara follow the Ode To Black Dougal Barbarian guidelines, and don't forget that all Mizarian characters are "Klingons on horseback" who get a +1 bonus to any rolls having to do with riding or handling horses.

Ranger: The Arandish Ranger comes in two variants, both found in Brave Halfling’s Delving Deeper: Ranger.  (1) the Giant-fighter type (With Damage Bonus), presumed to be a northerner or from the eastern mountains, and (2) the Scout type (With Additional Skills) from anywhere in Ara but especially prevalent in the wilderness areas of Achelon and the Western Lands, and around the Great Western Swamp.  

I may in future use the Grognardia version of the ranger for Telengardian Roughriders and/or Achelonian monster-hunters, if I develop those types as PC classes.

See also this previous post on rodians and their classes for details on rodian racial abilities and class prerequisites.
Duellist: A rodian fighter type described here.

Rogue: The rodian rogue (really just a thief) uses the Beyond the Black Gate Thief guidelines. 

Illusionist: As per the AD&D Player's Handbook.

Invoker: [new class!] A rodian magic-user type who levels and obtains spells as a Labyrinth Lord elf:

Rodian Invoker
Requirements:  INT 14, DEX 9 (all rodians)
Prime requisite:  INT
Hit Dice:  1d4
Maximum level:  10 
Note:  The Rodian Invoker levels and obtains spells as a Labyrinth Lord Elf, but with Magic-user weapon and armor restrictions.

Dwarf (as per Labyrinth Lord)

James Maliszewski’s use of Goblins as PCs has inspired me to allow goblins as PCs in Ara.  But not just anywhere; probably only in the northeastern mountains, in campaigns centering on (or at least originating in) Telengard or possibly Delzar.  Of course, if Goblins exist as PCs in Ara at all, then a few certainly dwell in the Free City of Kaladar and at least one must be a member of Hokka’s crew.

Arandish NPC classes players cannot play
Enchanter, Summoner, Necromancer, Shadrachai, Elf, Assassin.

What AD&D classes does this list exclude?
NO Paladin, Bard, Monk, or Halfling – these do not exist in Ara .

NO Elf  nor Assassin -- though elves exist as an NPC race in the Lands of Ara, and assassins exist as NPCs as well.

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