Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Official - I Like FUDGE

Last weekend my local gaming group assembled and played a couple introductory scenarios using the FUDGE system.  I was quite impressed with how smoothly and intuitively that system works. I like the notion of "tagging aspects" in order to cause or prohibit certain actions from occurring.  I like the relatively easy mathematics involved.  And, as I have previously mentioned, I really like the dice.

My enjoyable first experience with the FUDGE system inspires me to consider how I might utilize the basic mechanics of FUDGE in an extremely rules-lite kind of way. I don't need it for fantasy RPG'ing -- Labyrinth Lord will do just fine for that, thank you very much -- but maybe I could embark upon a side project (with what time I wonder?) to construct a super-simple FUDGE-based system for quasi-realistic post-apocalyptic gaming a la Twilight 2000.  That is a game/genre I have always wanted to play, and yet I have not been able to wade my way through the Twilight 2013 rules yet -- the book's too thick! I am a busy guy with limited time, so rules simplicity is a must for me.


  1. I came for the fudge. Where's the fudge?

    Nice dice though. Good shot.

  2. Aha, sorry to have tricked you with my double meaning.