Saturday, March 31, 2012

Return of the Lift Bridge

My long-term goal of running a public Labyrinth Lord game is, at long last, coming true. Yes, this May, after my current teaching semester winds down, I am moving my currently-on-hiatus Brockport Campaign back to the original locale I intended for it: Lift Bridge Books. I am certain that three or four of the current players -- the regulars -- will likely make the move there with me, plus I have it on good authority that I may pick up a couple of extra players at that time.  I will likely start the group off right where they left off, in the Underground City beneath the Step-Pyramid of the Cynidiceans.  From there, they can pretty much take off in any direction they wish.

Public gaming rides again!

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  1. Wishing you lots of fun with your upcoming, public game. Very cool and Happy Gaming :-)