Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DMG Sample Level Stocking Project Part 7

Here we go with Part 7 of my serialized attempt to stock the sample dungeon level from the Dungeon Masters Guide p. 95. The story thus far is contained in James C.'s original announcement of the project, his updated list of participants, and my stocking installments Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

Project guidelines:

(1) I am stocking this map as a Level 3 dungeon.

(2) I am using the Labyrinth Lord basic dungeon stocking tables on LL p. 124 to stock the map, with a few customized twists, i.e., I am deliberately placing a few monsters and treasures as I see fit.  I am also using Michael Curtis' Dungeon Alphabet and some of the random tables in the back of the Advanced Edition Companion to randomly generate "unique" encounters and miscellaneous and/or atmospheric room features.

Now to stock rooms 28 through 30:

Room 28:  Rolled and got empty, no treasure.  Since I already know a little bit about the nearest adjoining room to the south (Location 27) from my prior stocking installment, I decide to theme this room similarly; see description below.

Room 29: Got monster with treasure. I rolled on the Labyrinth Lord Level 3 Wandering Monster Table (LL p. 104) and got "Fly, Giant Carnivorous." I rolled for number appearing and got 2, which seems a bit low (for this monster) for a third-level dungeon. I will either boost that number slightly or concoct some other advantage for these particular flies. The Giant Carnivorous Fly's Hoard Class is VI so I rolled that out (on LL Treasure Table p. 106) and came up with (merely) 34 copper pieces.

Room 30: Rolled a "unique." I had no particular ideas in mind for this location, so I entrusted myself once again to a roll of the dice: I rolled on the "Special Encounters" tables in the Advanced Edition Companion (pp. 148-149), and got "passage" and "flesh to stone." Whoa!

Thus my finished key to Rooms 28-30:

28. Shell Collector's Storage Chamber 
This is a ransacked storage room, full of broken crates and barrels and LOTS of broken sea shells, fish skeletons, shattered glass jars and vials, and some scattered rotten rope. A cold breeze smelling of salt water circulates in this room. Anyone who spends a total of two successful turns searching for the source of the cold breeze will discover that it emanates from a crack in the northeastern wall -- actually one edge of the secret door there. [The secret door can also be found by other, more typical means.] A successful turn spent searching the scattered rubble will yield 12' of usable rope, a rusty but usable iron coffee pot, and 6 silver pieces.

29. Fly Lair
This 20' x 20' room is home to a pair of very hungry and tough (max. hp) Giant Carnivorous Flies that instantly attack anyone coming down the passage from the west. The flies' extreme hunger gives them a +1 to all attack rolls against anyone edible. They will chase prey anywhere EXCEPT through the stretch of magically trapped passageway leading to the staircase at area 30. Buried amidst the offal that lines the floor of the flies' reeking chamber are 34 copper pieces.

30. Trapped Hallway and Staircase Down
The 20' stretch of north-south hallway connecting the secret door in room 28 to the staircase at area 30 is in fact a magical trap that effects all creatures EXCEPT dwarves. All non-dwarves passing through this section of hallway must save vs. petrify or be turned to stone, as per the flesh to stone spell.

The stairwell north of the trapped hallway is quite damp and smells strongly of sea air and brine. The stairs are wet and slippery; anyone descending (or climbing) them has a 1 in 6 chance of slipping and falling, taking 1d4+1 "fall down the stairs" damage.

Who knows what terrors await, lurking beyond the bottom of the stairs?

Next time: Rooms 31-34!


  1. Giant flies freak me the hell out. I like it!

  2. Yes, I've become rather a fan of giant insects lately myself. Creepy!