Sunday, September 4, 2011

FLBS Game - First Meeting Materials

To prepare for my new public Labyrinth Lord gaming group's initial orientation meeting on Sunday September 18 at Lift Bridge Books, I have started gathering together some introductory materials to share with prospective participants who show up that day. The stuff I plan to bring along for show-and-tell and distribution to potential players includes:

- Examples of the game itself, including copies of the Moldvay-Cook B/X books (to show where we came from), plus two hardcover copies of Labyrinth Lord Revised, for show-and-tell only. Yes, I ordered a second hardcover copy of LL from just for this group, that way I can keep one copy behind the screen and have another copy out on the table for player use. As I have stated before, hardback gaming books are the only way to go for me, partially for bibliophiliac reasons, yes, but mainly since they lie flat when opened on the game table.*

- A sign-up sheet asking for participant email addresses 

- Handout: Meeting agenda including my contact information and links to Finch's Primer, the LL pdf download, and the Grognardia blog.

- Handout: hard copy of Matt Finch's Old-School Primer -- player section only (i.e., pp. 1-7).

- Handout: CDs with the LL no-art pdf and Finch's Primer pdf on it

That's it! I may also bring along some dice to that first meeting, we'll see. In any case, I should have enough stuff there to provide a basic intro to the game and to make neophytes as well as old hands feel welcome. At least I think so. Any thoughts or suggestions?

* Another solution to this dilemma was presented to me at OSRCon, when Marc brought a spiral-bound photocopy of the art-free downloadable pdf of the LL rules to my Friday morning game. I subsequently borrowed his spiral-bound copy for player use at my Saturday afternoon game. Thanks Marc!


  1. You are very well prepared, sir! It should be a great session!

  2. I like it! I've been considering doing something like this for my FLGS, but wasn't sure just how to go about it really. I like how you've handled everything here. It's a good example of how to introduce old school gaming to a new crowd.

  3. Thanks! I am a teacher by trade, but have never really "taught this subject" in such a self-conscious way before.

  4. I was sort of jealous reading this, but then I remembered you did send our prospective game group most of these core links (and Ara-specific stuff as well). But most of our group had some familiarity with RPGs. Do you any sense of what your new players might be like in terms of gaming experience, or is it too early?

    I sometimes think about what Finch's primer sounds like to people that never played later editions ... or more to the point never got disillusioned by later editions. Like if you don't know what a feat is, or you weren't been following Old School Blogs two years ago, how is that message received?

  5. @Spawn: Too early, I have no idea who is walking through that door on the 18th.

    I don't know how Finch's Primer will come across to total neophytes, but I assume going in that at least some of my joiners will be folks who have played newer editions of the game like 3e and 4e.