Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rochester Area FLGS Roundup

Thanks to some great comments on my dice post, especially from Cid Phoenix, Jagatai and ze bulette, I now have a tentative roster of FLGS's in the Rochester, NY area, including:

Boldo's Armory, 891 Monroe Ave., Rochester
Phone: (585)271-3880
Hours: MWF 2PM-10PM, Tues. 9AM-10PM, Thurs. 11AM-10PM, Sat. Noon-10PM, Sun. Noon-7PM
Directions and notes from Cid: "Take 490 to Monroe/31 and take a right and it's pretty much right there on your right. It's a little hard to find and it's not quite a FLGS, but it's not too corporate either."

Millennium Games, 3047 West Henrietta Road (in the Henrietta Townline Plaza)
Or, according to Cid: "in Henrietta, on West Henrietta Road in a plaza just south of the railroad bridge."
Phone: (585)427-2190
Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 10:00AM - 10:00PM, Fri. 10:00AM - Midnight, Sat. 10:00AM - 10:00PM, Sun. 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Crazy Egor's, 4 South Ave., Hilton
Phone: (585)392-0230
Hours: Fri. 3:30pm to 7pm; Sat. 11am to 7pm; Sun. noon to 5pm; Mon. through Thurs. 3:30pm to 5:30pm, or by appointment.

Pair-A-Dice Games, 274 N. Goodman Street, Rochester
Hours: Mon. Closed, Tues. 2PM-8PM, Wed-Fri. 2PM-9PM, Sat. 11AM-8PM, Sun. Noon-6PM
From its website: "We are Rochester’s newest Gaming Store" [. . .] "We are able to do special orders and often are able to get the hard to get items from over seas. Our courteous and experienced owner is happy to assist with your gaming needs. We have free gaming tables that are available during store hours. We are happy to accommodate league play, and groups." Good signs, and while it looks like their in-house crowd may favor (or at least more heavily promote) Warhammer and Magic, there does appear to be a Retro Game Night scheduled there most Saturday evenings including one coming up on Oct. 1!

The best vibe of the lot is definitely Crazy Egor's, about which its own website says: "We sell everything new and currently available as well as everything that was ever published within the Adventure Gaming Industry. The store has thousands of items on hand and although we cannot stock 100% of everything new, we can get it." And: "There is open gaming space available and we are always ready to help you with what ever you may wish." Very good signs!

Crazy Egor's may have to be the first one I investigate . . . tomorrow . . .

But Pair-A-Dice, a lead I got from a local contact of mine, intrigues me as well . . . especially with that Retro Game Night they've got going!

[EDIT: There's a Retro Game Night coming up at Pair-A-Dice on September 17 as well, though I am already otherwise booked that afternoon and evening.]


  1. Please post lots of pictures if you go to Egor's. You owe me for this! :P

  2. Boldo also made some of my armour pieces and one of my Great Helms. Great guy. Good fighter too.

  3. @bulette: Will do, I was thinking of bringing my camera along!