Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Noble Knight = AWESOME!

Others have said as much before, but I want to go public with my praise for Aaron Leeder and Noble Knight Games.  Not only does Noble Knight carry an excellent selection of out-of-print RPG products, thereby serving as my "go-to" vendor for old TSR modules and the like, but Noble Knight's Customer Service policy RULES!

Case in point:

I recently ordered the Moldvay Basic D&D Rulebook from Noble Knight, and when it arrived, a few pages in the middle were missing.  Actually, there were pages there, but they were the wrong ones: I had duplicates of pages B9-B16 and B49-B56, and was missing pages B17-B24 and B41-B48.  The very same day I emailed Noble Knight about this problem, I got an email reply from Aaron L., apologizing for the mishap and assuring me that he was putting a replacement copy of the product into the mail forthwith.

Two days later, the replacement copy arrived.  The Noble Knight email instructed me to simply keep or discard the defective copy.

Now THAT'S customer service!  Fast, friendly, and professional.  I cannot thank Aaron enough for his speedy reply and re-shipment, and I cannot overstate how happy it makes me to have a complete Moldvay Basic book in my hot little hands after only a two-day wait.

Well done Noble Knight Games!


  1. Nice! The more I realize how poorly Labyrinth Lord is actually laid out for play (lets see how many random places we can put charts!), the more I wonder why we don't just play B/X D&D with all the cool parts you have added to the game bolted on. Those books are just flat out cooler than LL, I am sorry.

    You mentioned how 4e is not evocative to you - the B/X books are evocative in a way that LL is not to me, some indescribable combination of layout and art and nostalgia.

  2. I agree that the B/X books' layout is hard to beat -- incredibly efficient, practical, and quite evocative. (Of course, the Otus, Tramp, and Dee artwork doesn't hurt either.)

  3. Yup. I love the layout so much I even wrote a post about it: