Monday, February 7, 2011

Sea of O'sr: Call For 3-Hour Islet Submissions

First, Telecanter asked:

what if there were one page islands and people wrote a bunch of them? Then you might have a campaign that you could pick and choose from a variety of isles.

Then Planet Algol mused about whether or not the OSR could produce a Paizo-esque "Adventure Path," rightly surmising that:

There's no reason that an Adventure Path has to be a tasteless save-the-world railroad. It can be a series of interconnected sandbox-ish environments with an overarching narrative. A picaresque pulp serial instead of Dragonlance.

Then Paul Gorman at Quickly, Quietly, Carefully posted this call to action:

Will anyone join me in jump starting the island hopping "Sea of O'sr" project with a 3-hour islet?

And the project is underway!

Tell your friends, spread the word: The Sea of O'sr Sandbox-Style Adventure Path is seeking 3-Hour Islet submissions. As Paul suggests, you may consult the wikipedia "Islet" page for inspiration, and I would urge you to look at migellito's completed Islet map and Paul's just-posted Isle map teaser as well.  There is some vague consensus around generating the islet maps on a roughly 300'-per-hex scale, but nothing is set in stone -- anything goes!  See Paul's blog and the comments to the original proposal post for the latest brainstorming around the project.

Fight On!


  1. Interesting idea. This could be really cool.

  2. Hm, I might already have an islet that may fit the bill...

  3. Great project! I've got an idea brewing...

    What does the "3 hour" part of "3 hour islets" mean? A limit of 3 hours to design, or roughly 3 hours to play? And if the former, what's the intention of that?

  4. Thanks Carter! I've now got the first two map location details posted as well :)

  5. @Gavin: The 3-Hour part is in reference to "time to design," and is itself an homage to the "One-Hour Dungeon" concept that was floating around the OSR blogosphere awhile ago. I would say that you should NOT feel constrained to limit your Islet design time to 3 hours, but take that as a very *general* guideline in that each Islet should be relatively small.

  6. I have built an online tool that handles exactly this sort of setting collaboration for DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND:

    I say this not only to pimp my own setting, but to offer the technology there to run the Sea of O'sr, if you like. Contact me for deets.

  7. @barsoomcore: Wow, thanks for the offer! I won't have much time to move on this until the coming weekend, but expect to hear from me then. (P.S. Pimping is always acceptable, and I LOVE the name of your game!)

  8. @Carter, re: 3 hours - Ok gotcha. That's what I was guessing, but just wanted to be sure.

  9. Check out my blog this morning for an unkeyed map.

  10. Did anyone ever post a collection of these, or at least links to most of 'em?